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Here are some commonly asked questions. For other questions feel free to contact us anytime.

Who are NorCal Post and Frame?

NorCal Post and Frame is a construction company serving in Oregon and California that delivers high quality buildings that are very affordable. All of our buildings are backed behind Cleary Buildings assembly processes. We specialize in customizable post and frame building construction. Contact us now.

Is NorCal Post and Frame a part of Cleary Buildings?

NorCal Post and Frame is a distributor of Cleary Buildings. We honor and stand Cleary warranties and the quality of Cleary Building Corp.

What is a post and frame/pole barn?

To learn more about what a pole barn is and what the differences are between wood pole barns and steel pole barns, go to our Comparison page.

Can I customize my post and frame building?

Cleary Buildings are fully customizable. Our sales staff can help you design a building as small as a woodshed to as big as a commercial or residential building. They can help you identify the best building size, shape and accessories for your needs and give you a 3D computer rendering on the spot. Learn more about our process.

Are there any warranties associated with the purchase of a building?

All columns in the ground and the bottom board are all treated 100% and have a warranty for 50 years. Learn more.

There is a lifetime warranty on sidewall and roof steel panels for cracking and peeling. Steel panels also come with a 35 year warranty on chalking and fading. Learn more.

What do you mean by "pre-engineered"?

With the assistance of computerized CAD Design Systems we can design and build a structure to your precise needs. Our Cleary manufacturing plants produce your building to exact specifications, making erection of your building fast and efficient.

What are the most important considerations when planning a new facility?

1.The correct location.
2.The site prepared properly.
3.The right design.

Can NorCal Post and Frame help with site selection and site preparation?

NorCal Post and Frame Specialists are experienced in layout and design and are equipped with a transit, tapes, and stakes. We will help you with site selection, give you ideas and recommendations on design, and assist you with site preparation.

How do you deliver a pre-engineered post and frame structure?

Once you meet with our sales specialist and design your building, your building package will be assembled with the necessary materials that will be shipped directly from our Cleary plant to your building site. Upon delivery, Cleary trained drivers will unload the building materials. From the ground up our own NorCal Post and Frame construction crew will erect your building.

What does the building price include?

Unlike other companies, the costs of a Cleary building include materials, labor to construct the building, delivery and tax (if applicable).

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