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FULL SERVICE FROM START TO FINISH. Our experienced sales and production personnel will work with you to design the pole building to suit your needs! Click on any one of our products and find out why our buildings are built with pride before the shamrock is applied!

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Commercial Buildings You may not imagine a conventional pole barn being an attractive building for your business. But, a customized Cleary Pre-Engineered Structure is an ideal choice to help your business grow. Your new building must reflect the character and image of your company and be attractive to your customers. Equally important, your building must "work". This may include such features as inviting showrooms, efficient and pleasant working areas, comfortable offices, adequate storage space, as well as consideration for expansion as your business grows and prospers. Many Clients prefer to add our Energy Miser option to their Commercial building for added energy efficiency. Contact us now!

Horse barns & Arenas Many Cleary structures are designed for people and products, like our commercial buildings and residential homes. But Cleary also knows how to provide a safe environment for your animals and the people who handle them as well. This is true with our dairy and livestock buildings as well as our inspiring Horse Barns and Arenas. Whether you're planning a small pleasure-horse barn or a large, attractive stable with an extra-wide clear-span area for riding, jumping, roping and cutting; you can depend on Cleary. To match your neighboring suburban building, Cleary provides a wide variety of maintenance-free siding to custom coordinate your building with existing structures and surroundings. Contact us now!

Dairy & Livestock Buildings You may call it a pole barn or pole building, but Cleary's custom designed Pre-Engineered Structures perform magnificently for any livestock operation. Cleary engineers understand the special housing needs and operational requirements for all types of livestock. From mammoth free stall barns to elaborate dairy operation with high end milking parlors, we custom-design your structure to match your personal management style and provide a healthy, productive environment for you and your animals. Cleary ventilating options make it a breeze to provide an adjustable, natural flow of air to help eliminate moisture problems. And, our Energy Miser option transforms your operation into an energy efficient business. Contact us now!

Machinery & Energy Miser Buildings Pole barns and pole buildings have never been so energy minded. That's because a Cleary Pre-Engineered with our Energy Miser Option, reduces heating and cooling costs on virtually any size or style of Cleary building you decide to construct. From attractive Commercial Buildings, to versatile Suburban Buildings, to awe-inspiring Horse Barns and Horse Arenas, the Energy Miser option will benefit you for the life of your building. Contact us now!

Metal Roofing & Replacement Roofs Featuring Fabral Metal Roofing panels that offer the following features:
• Time-tested Design
• Excellent w eather protection and weather tightness
• Wide selection of standard colors
• Grandrib 3 P LUS & STORM-LOK steel options

Benefits of Metal Roofing:
• Long Lasting
• Excellent water, snow, and ice shedding
• Superior re roofing material
• Fire proof
• Energy efficient Contact us now!

Mini-Storage Buildings When you think of a pole barn or pole building, you may not be thinking about storage units. Fortunately Cleary uses the same Pre-Engineerd Structure construction in these units as our popular Commerical Buildings, Horse Barns and Arenas, and Suburban Buildings. Cleary's storage unit construction results in a low-maintenance building for your busy lifestyle. From multi-unit investment buildings up to recreational vehicle storage, our experienced staff can design your custom built mini-storage building to accommodate your specific needs. Contact us now!

Park Shelters Whether you've always wanted a gazebo in your backyard or a shelter for your favorite park, Cleary has a structure that's perfect for every lifestyle and budget. Cleary Building Corp. uses the same custom quality construction in our Park Shelters and Gazebos as we do with all of our Pre-Engineered Structures, like commercial buildings, horse barns and arenas, and suburban buildings. Our experienced staff at Cleary Building Corp. will guide you through the process with ease. Contact us now!

Residential Buildings "I can't believe we live in a "Pole Barn" was a comment one of our satisfied customers jokingly said after moving into their new home. The reason they couldn't believe it is because they are actually living in a custom Cleary Pre-Engineered Structure. We put the same attention to detail into new home construction as we do an elaborate horse barn and arena or commercial building. Discover for yourself the advantages of building your new home with Cleary. Contact a Building Sales Specialist for even more details about Cleary Home Construction. Contact us now!

Suburban Buildings Suburban Buildings are some of the most versatile styles of buildings Cleary Building Corp. designs, builds and constructs. Cleary Suburban buildings go far beyond your standard pole barn, our custom designs and industry leading building process will ensure a quality building that will last. Your Cleary post-frame building brings you top value for your money. From its solid-built frame to its sturdy roof, side panels, and accessories, all materials are carefully selected and tested to meet or exceed industry standards for strength and durability. Cleary's dependable warranty assures you of complete satisfaction, now and for many years to come. One popular addition to our suburban buildings is our Energy Miser option that will turn your building into an energy efficient structure that will save you money. Contact us now!

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